A passion for wine

Dispensing Solutions is passionate about serving fine wine that tastes exactly as the winemaker intended.

We supply technological solutions that protect the characteristics of wine to deliver a consistently high quality experience for the consumer.

We are committed to advancing the wine industry and wine service in Australia through the discovery, development and delivery of state-of-the-art wine dispensing solutions.

Let us serve you

Dispensing Solutions is committed to serving the Australian wine and hospitality industry with innovative technology to increase profitability and improve wine service practices.

We partner with clients to integrate our solutions with your processes and systems and provide ongoing support to ensure our products deliver a consistently high quality experience, with every glass.

Dispensing Solutions also offers a bespoke range of business services, including importation and logistical consultation for imported wines and other beverages.


Taste the full character of each varietal with fine wine on TAP.


TAP. is an innovative, sustainable and affordable approach to serving fine wines. TAP. wine is poured directly from reusable premium stainless steel kegs to perfectly preserve the flavour of the wine and reduce wastage.

Serve a superior quality of wine

TAP. serves a selected range of premium imported and local wines that are accessible and affordable. TAP. wines are handpicked for their quality and characteristics to beautifully represent the unique attributes of each varietal.

As the winemaker intended

TAP. protects the wine from exposure to oxygen and seals in freshness to maintain full flavour. By eliminating the bottling process, this technologically-advanced system also protects the wine against any risk of spoilage from cork tainting. From the first glass to the last glass, the wine is perfectly preserved to taste just as the winemaker intended.

With less wastage

TAP. is an affordable and sustainable solution. The reusable stainless steel kegs significantly reduce storage, breakage and wastage associated with glass bottles to cut down on cost and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative. TAP. also eliminates the wastage associated with tired wine left in open bottles, with every drop preserved and ready to be enjoyed.

Contact us to learn more about fitting TAP. into your service.

For more information about TAP. technology and the range of wines, visit www.TAPwines.com.au

Preserving the experience of fine wine through world-leading technology


A state-of-the-art solution, Wineemotion is the most advanced and reliable wine dispenser system on the market.

A passion for precision

Wineemotion preserves bottles of wine in a sophisticated dispensing system that precisely controls temperature and serving dose to deliver the perfect glass of wine, every time.

Preserving flavour and freshness

In addition to protecting the wine against oxidisation and cork taint, Wineemotion also uses an exclusive patent system called ISOL-PLUS™ that isolates each bottle of wine to protect the individual characteristics and flavours of the wine for up to 30 days.

For a fully integrated solution

Wineemotion offers an ever-growing product line with customisable features and integrated wine sales software that is designed to drive sales and increase the profitability of wine service.

Contact us for advice on selecting the right model for your business.

Visit www.wineemotion.com.au for more information about the technology and product range.


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